WORKING WITH BUYERS                     

Buying art can be an intimidating process. Between tricky dealers, opaque pricing structures, and often misleading public auction results – one might not know where to begin. That’s where we come in.
With a consistently critical eye, we approach any acquisition with your best interest in mind; offering a service including sourcing, personalized and in-depth market analysis, and negotiating on clients behalves –
we ensure you always get the best possible deal. Throughout our end-to-end experience for collectors looking to build, expand, or edit their collections, we are there for you – every step of the way.


If editing your existing collection is a priority, we can make the sale of your artwork an easy – and lucrative – transition. From conducting a top-to-bottom expert valuation based on real time market data to identifying a
group of relevant prospective buyers we handle all the details to ensure you ease of sale. With longstanding and trusted relationships with a team of international experts – from conducting condition reports,
producing authenticity statements, and identifying low-cost, effective shipping methods – we take care of all your prospective buyers’ possible requests – ensuring a smooth changing of hands.


Whether you’re brand new to collecting – or have been in the game for a while – there is always more to learn. It could be distinguishing between Picasso’s blue period and his women of 1932 – or debating who was behind the wheel of the Abstract Expressionist movement?
The men or the women?Wondering what factors were at play when Jeff Koons’ ‘Rabbit’ broke the public record for contemporary art – or how Jenny Saville’s ‘Propped’ became so commercially iconic? We’d love to discuss it with you.
Collecting – for love or money – is a passion – and we can help you sharpen your knowledge so that you can be best equipped to participate in it successfully.


In an ever-evolving and fast paced art market – staying two steps ahead is integral. Whether it’s spotting the next big thing, buying into a previously overlooked area of an artist’s oeuvre, or simply gaining access
to the normally inaccessible – we look for — and execute — on deals that give you the highest return in the short – and long – term. We travel to a carefully selected group of international art fairs in order to see the best
of what’s new so you don’t have to. This, along with Edelman|Mack’s special brand of market analysis, allows us to identify investment opportunities ahead of the curve.


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