About us

We are an international advisory specializing in client-tailored services in the Post-War, Contemporary, and Emerging art sectors.

With over a decade of combined art world experience, co-founders Eleanor Edelman and Schuyler Mack are dedicated to identifying the most exciting opportunities on and off the market.

We are a new generation of advisor whose goal is to provide transparent advice and insider access to an ever-evolving and fast-paced art world. With two fingers on the pulse, Edelman|Mack offers tailored support for your specific needs; whether it’s building, editing, or simply enhancing your art collection – we’re there every step of the way.

Our extensive network of dealers, specialists, and private clients gives us an expert understanding of exactly what is going on in the art world at any given moment. We make it our mission to be in the know first, so you can be too.

Our wide breadth of knowledge of art history and market trends in the Post-War & Contemporary sectors allows us to provide our clients with the critical and extensive research required to ensure no stone is left unturned before a deal is done.

From the moment of introduction – we offer a fully comprehensive service based on clients’ individual needs. Whether identifying investment opportunities, sourcing exceptional artworks, or editing your existing collection; we are uniquely hands on in helping clients navigate any and all possible scenarios in an often tricky and opaque market.